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    It all started in


            Maui, Hawaii.  My parents joked that I myself was "made in Hawaii," and this would be my first time as a young man of 18 to ever step foot on the beaches where I was created. From my first breath of fresh island air, I felt at home.  The place was magic.  The palm trees were vibrant green.  Glowing orange flowers erupted everywhere.  There were beaches of satin black sand.  The ocean was a deeper shade of blue.  Playful, yet so profound.  There were rainbows every single day.  Sometimes double, triple rainbows. There were even rainbows at night.  The natives call them moonbows, cast by reflections from moon.  This was incredible to me.  Moreso because right before I embarked on my pilgrimage, I had a dream. In this dream, I was walking down an old and stony path into the wild.  I gazed up into the galactic purple sky sprawling above me, scattered with stars.  Way out in front of me, there were rainbows, calling to me.  This scene was so vivid and intense, that I shot awake in my bed. But not before an echo shook my being... "Follow the Rainbows.  Follow the Rainbows..."

              For two weeks in Maui I followed the Rainbows.  And do you know where they led? Everywhere and Nowhere.  I spent my journey in paradise, yes, adventuring with Ben, relaxing on the beach, swimming with seas turtle, experiencing native culture, and reading mindblowing books on the soul.  But ultimately, paradise seemed purposeless. As my journey was nearing an end, I became frustrated and deflated.  My dream had me prepared to receive a mighty mission, to undertake a great and meaningful quest of some kind.  One of our final stops was to climb the mighty Mount Haleakala, which to the tribals meant, "House of the Sun."  It is both the largest standalone mountain in the world and a massive shield volcano that actually forms 75% of Maui itself.  I was living on a giant's back and didn't even know it.

              We reached the top very early in the morning, long before first light.  I was initially troubled, thinking about what I did wrong.  Maybe I missed a rainbow...  Maybe its all just a fantasy.  But it felt so real... Luckily, I was too exhausted to beat myself up for long. Soon, my mind cleared and I was relaxed, open, and enjoying the House of the Sun, in all of its darkness.  I looked above.  Woah... That same galactic purple sky sprawled above us.  You could even see the creamy streak of stars home to the Milky Way.  Right above us, on this particular night, Jupiter and Venus were in conjunction.  That is to say, they were almost perfectly aligned, creating one of the brightest celestial points I've ever seen. And if you know anything about the symbolism of Jupiter as Divine Knowledge/Fortune, and Venus as Relationships/Connection, that was pretty cool. I rested on a stone wall for hours, in a trance with the stars, waiting to greet the Sun in his own Home. 

              I thought about the rainbows I'd seen and how, despite my own expectations, I appreciated them and everything about "who" the island was.  I thought about the native culture and tribes and how everybody had a role to play in their little islands, which was actually a massive world of its own.  I thought about how they buried their dead higher or lower on the mountain according to the level of Mana or Spirit Energy they gained in Life. I thought about the mindblowing books I'd read on the soul, and the enlightening stories the natives told me about their philosophies of life.  Then I stopped thinking.  And just started being. 

              Golden rays of light burst through the clouds below us.  Yes, below us, and up onto to the peak of the House of the Sun.  I hadn't realized until now, we were above even the clouds. I felt the warmth radiate immediately through my skin.  And suddenly, everything clicked. All of the stories, the native culture, the books, the rainbows, the dreams, they all added up to a single moment, a single Vision.  What if we could connect through that? What if we could connect based on who we are and not what we look like, and not what we are perceived to be?  And what if that connection could help us become better people, to maximize our true potential?  What if that connection could change the world?





     Some have the mindset that Science and Spirituality cannot coexist.  In fact, They are two names for the same thing... "The Search."  Scientists are looking outward for answers into the vastness of the comsos and the minuteness of the atom.  Spiritual seekers gaze into the depths of their own inner world for answers.  We're here to bridge that gap by creating a common language of "who are we." We are the key, the world's first and only Periodic Table of Soul (Peronality Traits). *Poster coming soon!


Shine on Baby!


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Disclaimer:  While some of SoulStones' concepts are completely originial, many ideas have been melted together from various teachings, philosophies, and cultures from around the world.  Credit to Soul Roles, Goals, Modes, and some Cosmos goes to The Michael Teachings by Chelsea Quinn Yabro and all affiliated sources.  SoulStones does not claim to take creative ownership over that material or any character/celebrity images. All Star Profiles are to be taken as opinon, editorials, and analyses, nto fact.  No Stars have endorsed SoulStones in any way... yet wink.  For more information on sources and origins, check the encyclopedia page!  Know that our intention is to help people maximize their potential, uplift our species, and raise human conciousness for a better tomorrow. Shine on!

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